Cars Are For Pussies is a mission in the mod.


Win the race


Note: This mission can only be started with a motorcycle

Lis walks up to Chris and the other street racers, who are loitering around the gas station parking lot. The camera will always stay at an angle where Lis's bike is never revealed

Lis: Hey cunt, I got the bike.

Chris: A'ight, which one is it?

Lis points offscreen at her bike

Chris: Looks like shit.

Lis: Same can be said for your taste in music.

Chris: Alright, so we're racing to that truck stop outside of town, down the highway.

Lis: Alright-

Chris: In the oncoming lane.

Lis: Wha...what?

Chris: Yeah, oncoming lane, chicken with the traffic!

Lis: Yeah...I really don't want to get killed playing chicken with a big rig-

Chris: So you're a pussy?

All the other racers point at Lis and call out with Chris

Chris & Others: Pussy!

Lis: That's it, you cunts get on your bikes, I'll show you what a pussy is.

Lis walks offscreen to her bike as the other racers get on their bikes

The player gains control of Lis, who starts on her bike at a race lineup. The player is instructed to win the race, whose checkpoints are on the other side of the highway

The player wins the race. After winning the race, Lis yells out to herself

Lis: *Laughs* Wer ist nun das Huhn? *Who's the chicken now?*

Mission passed