The Fitzgerald County Sheriff is the primary law enforcement agency in the game.


The Fitzgerald County Sheriff, as the name implies, is the primary law enforcement agency serving Fitzgerald County, North Dakota. They serve Philadelphia, as the town isn't large enough for it's own police department. As such, they have a station located near the outskirts of town. They are dispatched whenever the player commits a crime of some sort in an attempt to stop them. In addition to uniformed officers, the Sherriff also operates their own SWAT team, which is dispatched on higher wanted levels.

The Fitzgerald County Sheriff is an underfunded agency, and as such, lacks proper funding and proper training methods. As a result of this, officers use vehicles and weapons other departments would find outdated. The officers are also depicted as either lacidasical, not giving much care about their job, or aggressive and overly violent.


The Fitzgerald County Sheriff, as mentioned above, is underfunded, warranting the use of older equipment. Their primary vehicle consists of an older-model Police Cruiser painted in Black with white stripes. They also use police motorcycles, painted in similar colors. Their weapons, as mentioned above, are outdated due to lack of proper funding. As such, their primary firearm is an M1911 pistol, along with a Model 37 pump-action shotgun. The SWAT teams use M16 rifles.

The Sheriff's uniform consists of beige shirt, black pants, and black shoes. Some officers may wear a black ballcap with "SHERIFF" written across the front.


  • John Doe - Elected Sheriff, leader of the department 


Chasing LisEdit

  • Stop resisting or I'll call the police!
  • I'm taking you down, shit for brains!
  • Do you want the tazer or the pepper spray?
  • Don't make me get the dogs on you!
  • Who the fuck do you think you are!?
  • Don't make me sweat, this shirt isn't mine!
  • Now you're getting my shirt sweaty and you know how I feel about that!
  • You can't run forever!

Being Shot AtEdit

  • Put the gun down or I'm calling the police!
  • Drop the gun and put your hands behind your head!
  • She's got a gun!
  • Get on the ground, she's got a gun!
  • You're adding to your rap sheet!

Addressing Lis through police megaphoneEdit

  • This is the FCSD! Pull over!
  • Get out of the car with your hands in the air!
  • Stop your car and turn the engine off!