Getaway Car is a mission in the mod.


  • Find the Hinterland
  • Lose the owner
  • Drop the Hinterland off in the getaway spot


  • Note - this mission is automatically available after "Stalker II" at the scrapyard*

Once Lis is outside of the scrapyard, she automatically calls Trey

Lis: Alright Trey, you said there was some kind of getaway car here at the scrapyard or some shit? 

Trey: Yeah, one of them Hinterlands from back in the day. Perfect opportunity to get it, seeing as it's at a scrapyard, in a position where nobody would raise an eye if it gets stolen.

Lis: So, nothing of vaule would be lost?

Trey: Exactly. Get it, and take it where we can bust in and drive off after the stickup.

Lis: Okey dokes, will do.

The player is instructed to find the Hinterland in the scrapyard, which is located near the scapyard's office. Once the player finds the Hinterland, a cutscene occurs

Lis walks up to the Hinterland and tries to open the door, only to find it locked. She rummages through a pile of scrap laying on the ground, which noisily attracts the attention of the scrapyard owner, who exits his office and yells out to Lis from the door of his trailer

Owner: Hey! Young lady! What're you doing!?

Lis looks at the owner with a piece of steel rebar in her hand

Lis: Nothing?

Owner: It sure don't look like nothing-

Lis: Well I can assure you I'm doing nothing wrong, trust me!

Owner: What's that you got in your hand?

Lis: What's what?

Owner: In your hand! What you just picked up!

Lis looks at the rebar and then back at the owner

Lis: This? It's nothing.

Owner: Hey, wait a minute, weren't you here a while ago, that guy was trying to sell me that car and you and some other guys beat him up here, didn't you?

Lis quickly looks between the owner and the Hinterland before smashing the window to the Hinterland with the piece of rebar, unlocks the car from the inside, and enters the Hinterland. The owner yells out to Lis as he runs over to a nearby ATV

Owner: You won't get away with that! You already took one deal from me, you're not taking another!

The camera then cuts to Lis hotwiring the engine and shifting the truck into gear

The player regains control of Lis. The player is instructed to lose or kill the pursuing scrapyard owner

The player loses/kills the owner. The player is then instructed to park the Hinterland in the getaway location

The player parks the Hinterland in the getaway location

Mission Passed