Gone in 60 Seconds is a mission in the game.


  • None, it is a cutscene.


Lis walks into Vitaly's office and catches him in the middle of a conversation on the phone

Vitaly:'s a lot harder these days. Back in my time, all you needed was some copper wire and you're set! *Notices Lis* Ah, I gotta go. My new associate walked in...yes...yes, that girl...I told you about her, didn't I? No? I'll tell you another time.

Vitaly hangs up the phone

Lis: Who was that?

Vitaly: Nobody in particular. Anyway, good job on the Belash.

Lis: Thanks-

Vitaly: Now, I got another job for you. Still like getting your hands dirty?

Lis: Sure.

Vitaly: Great. Now, there's this friend of mine who did me a favor.

Lis: What was the favor?

Vitaly: It's not important. But...he did it, and he did it good. Now, he's got a thing for cars, and he gave me a list on what to look out for. That being said, take this.

Vitaly hands Lis a list. Lis looks over the list before folding it and putting it in her pocket as Vitaly talks

Vitaly: I ask "Darnell, is there anything I can do to repay your kindess for you kidnapping my wife?" And he said-

Lis: Woah, he kidnapped your wife?

Vitaly: It's a genius scheme, isn't it? I take the ransom money from her parents, I keep it, I miraculously break in and save her. How smart is that?

Lis: That's very...romantic.

Vitalty: So anyway, he says "You can get me all these cars on this here list", and I say "alright, consider it done". And here I am, giving you this list!

Lis: So, I steal the cars off this list and bring them here?

Vitaly: Yeah, just park them in the garage around the back.

Lis: When do you want these?

Vitaly: Preferably soon-

Lis: Preferably soon, got it.

Lis walks out of the office

Mission Passed. The player is now on free roam, but at any time can bring an Anaconda, Dragon, Stuttgart, Wall Street, Cowboy, and a Derry to the garage around Vitaly's showroom and park them. Once they are parked, they are marked off the list, much like the Import/Export garage in GTA 3. Once all the cars on the list are marked off, Lis recieves her payment and a phone call from Vitaly

Lis: I finished up that list for you, so your buddy can get all those cars.

Vitaly: Thank you for your help, Lis. However, I think we should keep our distance for now. You know, to keep a low profile, both for me and for you.

Lis: Am I still going to get paid?

Vitaly: Sure, I'm wiring the money to your account now. So long Lis, have a good life.

Lis hangs up