Note - Station dialogue is spoken in German. It is written in English for simplicity purposes

Lutz: Alright America, this is Lutz Sasser on Megastero, broadcasted live from Washington D.C., funded entirely by Sinneslöschen GmbH. We're ready to bring you nonstop German pop, rock, and rap.

"Alle Oder Keiner", "Spaast", and "Glaube An Dich" plays before Lutz comes back on

Lutz: And now, we have to briefly stop the music to bring you all an important station announcement from Sinneslöschen chairman from Berlin, Wilhelm Bauer.

Wilhelm: Hello. My name is Wilhelm Bauer. You're listening to a Sinneslöschen Media station. Enjoy.

The music fades out as "TV Show", "Erdbeben", and "Hey, Wir Wollen Die Eisbarn Sehn" plays before Lutz comes back on

Lutz: It's never a dull moment on this radio station, especially if you're German, our key demographic. Or at the very least speak German. We have to take a break from the music for a brief announcement from our great chairman, Wilhelm Bauer.

Wilhelm: Sinneslöschen Media, a global network of innovation, from radio to television and from trains to fast food.

Lutz: That makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Now, onwards with the music!

"Hey wir wollen die eisbarhen sehn", "Augenbling", "Haus Am See", and "Traumfanger" play before Lutz comes back on

Lutz: Now it's time for a public service announcement from Sinneslöschen chairman Wilhelm Bauer.

Ambience music plays as Wilhelm gives a monologue

Wilhelm: Hello. I'm Wilhelm Bauer. Under my guidance, Sinneslöschen GmbH has emerged as the fastest growing German-run conglomerate of the past five years. With fast food, radio stations, and technological interests across Germany and the free world, alongside a wide array of logistical and industrial achievements, we at Sinneslöschen GmbH ensure you're part of a global network of innovation. From trains to firearms, from pop radio to electronics, you can be sure of independent, quality products with every purchase. That's why we're the fastest growing cable supplier and health insurance provider in Western Europe. For more information, please visit "www.sinneslö".

"Schwarz Zu Blau", "Bilder Im Kopf", and "Autobahn" play before Lutz comes on

Lutz: We are jamming out! We are jamming out to commercial free, 100% German radio!

"Der Blau Planet", "Völlig losgelöst" play before Lutz comes back on.

Lutz: We have to take a quick break for an important announcement from Sinneslöschen Chairman, Wilhelm Bauer. Take it away.

Wilhelm: Sinneslöschen Media, a global network of innovation, from radio to television and from trains to fast food.

"Tuyet", "Ich Bin Dein Gummibar", and "Buck Dich Hooch" play as the station repeats

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