Crazy VitalyEdit

EBC News (Only after Last Dance with Jane Davis)Edit

Henk (only after main plot)Edit


Neil (only after The Getaway)Edit

  • 2. Overnight Express (Meet Neil at storage unit, get pickup loaded with moonshine, deliver to bars, etc.)
  • 3. To Live and Die in North Dakota (Take Neil's truck filled with moonshine, follow Martin & Neil in Martin's truck during a police chase, lose police, deliver kegs to storage unit)
  • 4. Moonshine Massacre (Meet Neil at Storage Unit, storage unit explodes due to trap, the two are ambushed by rival gang, fight way out of storage building)
  • 5. Get Even (Neil decides to hit the gang behind the ambush to "get even". Lis takes a Prince armed with a car bomb, drives it in their compound, fights her way out, and detonates it)