Philadelphia, Maryland is the primary setting of the game.


In 1936, the town of Philadelphia, North Dakota, was established by the Crosby Grain Company to serve as a community for it's workers, as their primary grain elevator was located about fourty minutes away from Bismarck, the nearest community. At first, the town was just a few row houses and a general store located directly across from the grain elevator itself, but shortly after the second world war, the town's economy boomed. Thanks to multiple contracts and the development of new technologies, the mine gained many new employees, along with the town itself expanding to give way for a new housing development and downtown area.


The town of Philadelphia consists of mostly caucasian people from various ethnic backgrounds, most of which are either Irish (as in Todd's case) or German (as in Lis' case). That being said, the town is mostly free of many minorities, not only due to it's isolated location but due to their poor treatment.