Through Fire and Flames is one of Willem's missions in the mod.


  • Ambush the biker convoy
  • Steal the truck
  • Bring the truck to Willem's house


Lis walks into rave. As she enters, Todd walks up to her

Todd: Lis amigo-

Lis: Todd dude, those Nazis here again? I thought Trey was watching that cunt-

Todd: Yeah, he is, but there's someone else who wants to see you, *points towards a wall* , that guy right there.

Lis: Who is it?

Todd: Some well-dressed guy by the name of Willem-

Lis: Willem...I got this.

Lis walks up to the wall where Willem is standing. Lis calls out to Willem, which gets his attention

Lis: Yo...I thought you weren't into this kind of stuff, too "bubblegum" for you?

Willem: I needed to find you-

Lis: Looks like you found me.

Lis walks up to Willem and stands next to him as they converse

Willem: So...I've got another job for you.

Lis: Lucky for you, I'm looking for a job.

Willem: *Chuckles* Right you are. Now, you wouldn't happen to know about the Celtic Crosses motorcycle club, now, would you?

Lis: What, those guys who ride around on motorbikes and-and wear leather vests and blare punk music?

Willem: Those're the ones.

Lis: Right, so what about them?

Willem: One of them's got a truck which they run guns in and out of Canada with. The guns're made in Russia, shipped through Canada, and trafficked into America by them, which usually runs through here tonight. That being the case-

Lis: You want to help yourself to the guns and hire me to get them for you?

Willem: You're quite smart.

Lis: I barely passed high school. Anyway, where do you want these guns?

Willem: Just bring them back to my place, I'll stay here. They don't water down the drinks here.

Lis nods and leaves the rave

The player gains control of Lis. The player is instructed to ambush the biker convoy that is driving outside of town

The player ambushes the convoy. The player is then instructed to steal the truck that the weapons are being kept in

The player steals the truck. They are then instructed to bring it back to Willem's mansion. During the drive, a couple of bikers try to attack Lis. Upon noticing this, Lis yells out in German

Lis: Ficken Motorrad Fotzen! (Fucking motorcycle cunts!)

The player arrives at the club and parks the truck in Willem's garage

Mission passed. After passing the mission, Lis automatically calls Willem

Lis: You got one pickup truck full of I don't even know how many guns sitting in your garage, my amigo.

Willem: Good, did you run into any trouble?

Lis: Not much.

Willem: Well done. I'll pay you the next time I see you around.

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