Trey's room upon entering the basement (sans window)

Trey's House is a location in the game.


Trey Stevens lives with his father in a split-level house (designed identically to Lis') in the same neighborhood as Lis and Todd. Much like Todd's House, the rest of the house is inacessable except for the basement, which can be accessed in cutscenes or by going through the rear patio door.

The decor of the apartment reflects Trey's hacker/conspiracy theorist personality, such as a desk with numerous computer screens and towers (as pictured in the picture), a homemade bookcase along one of the walls filled with books, boxes, etc., and a modest bed. There are also various posters and corkboards relating to various conspiracies all over the basement's walls. To top it all off, there are numerous guns on a folding table near the locked door leading to the rest of the house.

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